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  • I want to combine my current lot with available properties around my lot.
    Contact the Lake County Assessors Office for a review of ownership of lots you might be interested in obtaining.
  • Want to purchase a lot? Consider purchasing 2 or more.
    Many of the lots in the Pan Ark are not adequate in size to meet Lake County requirement for septic setbacks as 2 leach field areas are recommended. Additionally, the purchase of multiple lots helps space out leach fields to help protect our fresh water sources. Other things to consider are not only the size of the lot but also the size of your planned home versus the size of your septic versus the size of your lot. It is highly advised to contact a septic system professional as well as Lake County xxxxx early on in your building process.
  • When are the Water Board meetings?
    Board Meetings for the Mt. Elbert Water Association are held the 2nd Saturday of every month unless changed by the Board President. Meetings are held at the Ross Well House located at 312 Ridge Road (Mt. Elbert Drive). Meetings are open to membership to attend.
  • How do I obtain an Application for a Water Certificate?
    To obtain an Application for a Water Certificate, contact MEWA to have an Application emailed to you as long as Water Certificates are available. Please see the Letter of Clarification of Water Certificates.
  • Is there water to all of the lots?
    There are not current water lines serving every lot in the Pan Ark Subdivision. Water lines are indicated on the maps of each of the 3 Units, A, B, & C. Reference the BUYING/SELLING tab for maps. Maps are updated yearly with water line information. If the map is more than 1 year old, feel free to contact MEWA if a line has been installed in the street you are interested in purchasing a lot OR what is the procedure to extend a water line.
  • When are Membership Meetings?
    The Annual Membership Meeting is held the second Saturday of July. The location will be published. Updates of past upcoming improvements, budgets/financials, general information and voting for Board Members.
  • Is there a Homeowners Association?
    NO In 2022, qualified owners of properties within the Pan Ark Subdivision voted to form a Special Metropolitan Taxing District instead of a Homeowners Association. The District is governed by a 5 member elected Board by owners qualified to vote in Lake County. Monies for the Special District for the maintenance of the roads, summer grading and winter snow plowing are collected by Lake County in your property taxes.
  • Who provides water to Pan Ark Estates?
    Mt Elbert Water Association is the sole provider of water in the Subdivision. Per guidelines of the State of Colorado Division of Water Resources, there will be NO drilling of private wells within the boundaries of the Subdivision. Additionally, the CANNOT use cisterns as a source of water in Lake County. Check the Schedule of Fees, Rates and Charges for current cost and availability of Water Certificates as well as the Letter of Clarification for Water Certificates.
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