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Our water is pumped from our three deep wells. Quality is checked weekly as is pump condition and tank levels through our computer system called SCADA.  SCADA is watched routinely, and should a rare problem be exposed, it is addressed immediately by a board member or our Operator who is fully licensed and sanctioned by the State of Colorado.

Your water is pure and potable as it comes from the ground. State law requires the addition of chlorine to insure safety, but is administered automatically in small dosages. Monitoring is done weekly.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best. Inevitably, weather can be our enemy.  We are subject to line freezes, although rarely occurring.  We constantly monitor problem areas, and as funds permit, major line replacement is undertaken.  New and quality piping replaces the older product, and if possible is run deeper.  If depth cannot be achieved, blue board insulation is placed, giving the equivalent of two feet of depth for two inches of board

We are dedicated board members
, and you are our neighbors.

We are proud to announce we placed 2nd in the Best Tasting Water contest held by the Colorado Rural Water Association for 2024

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